Monday, June 20, 2011


Everyone seems to be getting alone fine in their new homes ... here are Turquoise Boy (AKA Rico) and Lola and they did fall in love, just like in the song

And here's our little "no name" girl playing with Mom & Dad (she was barking at her Dad 'cause they keep stealing her toys!!):

And Tie-Dye girl displayed a disturbing genetic trait today that dates back to the Gypsies -- I hope the other puppies have been spared:  THIEVERY!!!

Yep, she got the remote!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

They're gone!

Well, they're all gone except Tie-Dye girl who is staying with US!   (Still don't know what I'm going to name her!)

Here's Red Boy with his new Dad, Brent, who drove from Klamath Falls, OR this weekend to pick him up.  Brent is an experienced Dalmatian owner, and is naming Red Boy "Lucky."   (Lots of gambling themed Grateful Dead songs but I think Lucky is going to be officially named "Dotter's Deal.")

And the last to go was LUA Purple Boy.  He's going to live on a mountain in Lake County with his Dad, Michael, also an experienced Dalmatian Dad.   He may be called "Duster" ... not sure yet, and I'm working on that registered name.  

Both of these new Dal Dad's picked their new babies up on Father's Day:!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our puppies are going to their new homes!

Yellow Boy was the first to leave us ... here he is with his new Dad, Parker, who is in training to become a firefighter.   Yellow Boy's name is now "Chief," and in keeping with the theme of their registered names after Grateful Dead songs, he's officially Dotter's Fire on the Mountain.

Turquoise Boy left with his new Mom, Sylvia, this morning.  Sylvia has a 7-year old female Dalmatian at home named Lola, so Turquoise Boy is going to be called "Rico" (you know, from the Copa Cabana?)  Not sure yet if I can come up with a Grateful Dead reference when Barry Manilow keeps popping in my mind ...   ;-)

Then it was Lavendar Girl's turn ... Julia and her daughter Emma came to pick her up and it seemed like deja vu ... oh yeah, they were here 2 years ago picking up "Jasper" from Layla's last litter!   Jasper's little sister will be called, "Elfie" (after Elphaba in "Wicked").  

Saturday, June 11, 2011

BAER Hearing Test Results

11 of 12 puppy ears hear ... 

Better than average hearing results, but still, I feel very sad that our little Lavendar Girl only hears with one ear.   (She sometimes turns the wrong direction now to locate sounds ... by the time she's grown she'll have learned to "accommodate" and you'd never know she only hears out of one ear.)

Dagger teaching "respect your elders!"

Those of you who know Dagger know that he has quite a sense of humor ...

They're so grown up!!

I apologize for not posting more photos recently ... the puppies move so fast, every picture is just a blur!
With help today I managed to get "head shots" of each pup ...

Purple Boy

Yellow Boy

Tie-Dye Girl

Lavendar Girl

Turquoise Boy

Red Boy

Monday, May 30, 2011

5 weeks (cont'd)

The puppies are moving so fast now it's hard to get "still" photos of them ... they're usually a blur!

 Look at the fiesty Lavendar girl batting her paws at her Daddy ...

  You see, they're kind of a blur ...

Purple Boy @ 5 weeks

 Purple Boy snoozing at 5 weeks ...